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Limited numbers for some guns

ACCENT VIO COMPOR DYE l4 or googles are light and made to sit on your face all day $10 UPGRADE

Tippmann Ft-12 8.5 inch high-performance barrel for greater accuracy. Blade trigger with a short pull for faster firing and a more responsive feel.

Etha3m is another option for gun upgrades it has a 14.5inch barrel for added accuracy and all the markers come with an electronic hopper. A grate upgrade for any special occasion.

Tippmann Phenom X7 : Out standing cyclone feed marker combined with a nuggest ninja bottles it kicks butt
Eclipse Emek 100 : with its pal loader the Emek is a great light mechanical gun.

The Dye maxxed: Electronic marker light and fast, this will keep a smile on your face. COmes with an electronic feed hopper std.

Eclipse ETHA 2 Solid and great mid ranged electronic marker, Light up your friends. Comes with an electronic feed hopper std.

Eclipse Gteck 170R excellent fire rate comes with an electric hopper $ 4500psi bottle to keep you aired up and ready to fire. Here piggy piggy.

Family operated and owned Paintball field at Old bar (near Taree / Forster / Diamond beach) Vincent (owner) has been playing for over 20yrs.
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