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members competition events held approximately 3 times a year

Simplified rules for 3 man:

There Will Be min of 2 referees.
*Game will run for maximum of 5 mins, a tie is formed if the opposition team is not eliminated or the opposition’s
buzzer touched within that time. Point will be replayed at sudden death so first kill wins.

*A point is awarded for a win and an underlying point for each person left, after game has been “declared” won. For each
team member still in at games end . In the case of off all teams winning a round the “underlying” point for each person
left can settle the win. E.g. “Gob Stoppers” won 2 games but at the end had 2players left first round and 3 the second
game. And “Horney Goat Weed” won 2 games but at the end had 2 players left first round and 1 the second game. “Gob
Stoppers” would win that place because the “underlying” players left become the decider.

*Any call made by referee is final.

*You Need to carry on all required gear for game e.g. Paint, barrel swabs or rags from beginning to end. If required for a
match win “best of 3 round” you must carry on your team , enough paint to last all rounds. A live player can pass paint in
game a “eliminated” player cannot pass anything to live players.

*Starting positions will rotate in “Home” and “Away” you will swap side after each round.

*Once started there is no communication between players and spectators or “eliminated” team members.

Eliminated : Referee will signal when a player is eliminated by putting one hand on his head and pointing with the other
hand stretched and flat at the eliminated player. At the same time the referee shouts loud and clearly “OUT”

THE REFEREE CANNOT put a player back in after calling them eliminated. “See elimination of players”

Clean : A referee will signal that a player is clean of any valid hits and has not been eliminated , by lifting a finger or towel
in the air and moving in a circular motion.

In Competition paintball you are out if shot (paintball must break) on anything you are wearing or playing with…. ANYTHING !!!

Penalty Call : A referee will call a

MINOR penalty :

Called by the referee making a double fist up and down motion in front of their body or tossing a
yellow flag into the air in both instances the referee will shout “OUT” to the involved player.

* For unobvious out something not visible e.g. on the back of your back pack or top corners of goggles etc
( remember if in doubt call for a paint check ) regardless of reason if found with any clear shot on you ( is
considered as playing on and carries a major penalty then)

*For communicating to anyone after being eliminated.

*Shooting at sidelines spectators or players while in breaks or setup time.

This penalty comes with an “Out” for you AND the closest person to you at the time.

MAJOR penalty :

Called by the referee making a double fist up and down motion in front of their body or tossing a red
flag into the air in both instances the referee will shout “OUT” to the involved player.

*If shot in an obvious place e.g. hopper, gun, side of goggles and you “Play On”

*Eliminated players who shoot at opposing players from inbounds.

This comes with an “OUT “ for you and 2 other players (so all your team in 3 man games)


*Wiping means a player has actively and deliberately removing or attempting to remove paint markings in order
not to be eliminated.

* Reentering the field after elimination.

* Players observed discarding rags , pods or equipment which has hit marks on it to avoid elimination.

If a “Gross major” penalty is call it is 3 for 1 rule so all team mates removed and the offender is out for next game . There are other
reasons this is called mainly relating to throwing equipment and foul language or shooting once off field.

Paint checks are performed by referees for the purpose of determining if a paintball has broken or and marked a player.

You may call for a paint check :

On someone or on yourself : ( if you are unsure if the paint broke or not )

For yourself you must wait to be checked by the referee before playing on or shooting ( if shot
while being checked or waiting that shot counts and you are out ) . If you carry on and are found to be
“Out” the referee will call a penalty.

NOTE : Referees may, but do not have to , make a paint check after a player has requested one on other players (You
may be eliminated for requesting paint checks to distract referees from checking yourself or teammates or to use referees to
locate opposition players )

Elimination of a player

Once “OUT” a player indicates this by placing his hand on his head and gun in the air. Once you have indicated yourself
“OUT” you cannot go back into the game. Unless an action from the opposing team like a “Carrying on” penalty was the
cause of you being “OUT” e.g. shot from “out of bounds” or by person already eliminated.

You can be eliminated for :

*Calling yourself “OUT” for being shot and or marked even if the paintball did not burst and mark you.

*Abusive behaviour

*Going in to “out of bounds” marked via ropes on our field . Anyone going past the ropes or possibly line
on the field is considered “Eliminated” and immediately indicates so .

*Failure to “Touch back” at start of game. A player has a 1 meter area from start point to go back and
*Where your barrel fails to make contact anywhere on the starting wall at time of whistle blow to start game a
“Touch back” failure has occurred , if they have gone past that, a fail to “Touch back” applies and are
immediately eliminated.

*Moving or altering the field.

*Excessive or overshooting a player.

*Shooting directly at referees.

*Taking off goggles while on the field.

Any failure to eliminate yourself under these conditions will result in According “Penalties“

Family operated and owned Paintball field at Old bar (near Taree / Forster / Diamond beach) Vincent (owner) has been playing for over 20yrs.
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