Competition Information

Hi Folks Well our first 3 Man team  competition date is set for:

 Next event dates 7th May, 23rd July and 5th November9am start !

Held Rain or Shine

Will be using Dye Rise Maxxed guns saving $40 per person gun rental

Prior to day :

Come up with a team name ! (if you are an individual we will try and make teams once deposits are paid)

All team entry deposits must be paid in full $50 each totalling $150 for team!!!

as long as team entries are paid 2 days before start date each member will receive 1 box of paint each (2000 rounds ) when paying the remaining $100 on day of comp. Otherwise if you just turn up on day you will get 1500rnds each (for teams just turning up on day no deposit ).


On day

Rock up at 830 am for sign in

Each person pays remaining $100 and gets 2000 paintballs (if deposit pd early) or 1500 no deposit paying the $150 in full on day  **************  Extra paint on day $100 per box 2000**************

All playing gear supplied. If you wish to use your own clothes or dress up go for it,  otherwise overalls are supplied

Day will run in a round robin knock out competition with each team playing every other team at least once.

Prizes will be for 1st place only : Free entry and 1 box of paint (2000rnds) into next comp for the team.

Proper paintball competition rules apply see paintball rules on this web page.

Drinks and snacks available on premises but feel free to bring what you want.


We will run some normal games for those with paint left, paint cannot be taken home unless you possess a paintball gun licence.

Normal age limit applies (16yrs old) anyone under 18 needs a parent/guardian consent form signed.

************LAST ONE FOR YEAR*****************